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Delaware’s a great state for veterans to start a business

You’ve learned so many valuable skills in the military. Why not put them to work in starting your own business?

Delaware, home to Dover Air Force Base, is a great place for veterans looking to start a business.

The state ranks 11th as a best state for veterans to live, according to an August 2018 analysis by SmartAsset. In compiling its rankings, the financial website considered the percentage of a state’s residents who are veterans, their unemployment rate, their average income remaining after housing costs and the availability of VA facilities.

Delaware’s veterans fare well when it comes to finding work.

They generally have a lower unemployment rate than the rest of the population, according to an analysis by the Delaware Department of Labor.

The unemployment rate for veterans in Delaware was 3 percent in February, compared with a 3.5 percent rate for the state’s non-veterans.

The unemployment rate for Delaware vets was also lower than the national unemployment rate for all U.S. veterans, which was 3.4 percent in February.

The unemployment rate for Delaware’s second Gulf War-era vets was particularly low — just 2.2 percent.

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