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Opportunities and information Abound at Millennial Summit

The 2019 edition of the Millennial Summit at the Chase Center in Wilmington brought together hundreds of young people with a passion to lead and to learn.

The second day of the event focused on entrepreneurship, which included a panel called “I have an idea – now what?” For those who couldn’t be there, here are five key takeaways from the discussion.

  • A great possible strategy is to start a business where there is an existing market and carve a place out for yourself.
  • Entrepreneurship is not a sprint, even “unicorns” take time to grow.
  • Be mindful of what your customers are passionate about. It may not be the same thing as you.
  • Trust your gut, because you won’t always have all the information you would like to make a decision.
  • Test, test and keeping testing – a process that does not have to be expensive to be done well.

During the summit, the Division of Small Business’s team of Regional Business Managers provided coaching services. It was a great opportunity for attendees to have one-on-one conversations about their ideas and aspirations. Staff also interacted with people and gave out literature on state programs in the Exhibition space.

You can get the similar services any time. Set up a meeting with an manager by visiting the Contact page.

The Division of Small Business is here to help your company start, grow and thrive.

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