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Spotted laternfly: what your business needs to know

The Delaware Department of Agriculture has expanded the quarantine zone in New Castle County for the spotted lanternfly, an invasive pest that threatens peaches and other fruit crops and varieties of trees including oak and maple trees.

The quarantine zone now covers all of New Castle County north of the Chesapeake & Delaware Canal.

Businesses that want to remove certain items from within the quarantine area, must first pass an online test demonstrating their knowledge about the quarantine. They must also obtain a permit from the Delaware Department of Agriculture.

The restrictions include the movement of:

  • Any living life stage of the spotted lanternfly
  • Landscaping, remodeling or construction materials
  • Firewood of any species
  • Packing materials (e.g., wood crates, boxes)
  •  All plants and plant parts including all live and dead trees, perennial and annual plants, and mulch
  • Outdoor household articles like RVs, lawnmowers, chairs, grills, tarps, tile, stone, deckboards, and other vehicles not stored indoors

Click here to learn more about the quarantine.



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