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Delaware to take part in national pilot program to improve business regulations

Small business owners stand to benefit from a new pilot program in which Delaware will be one of only five states to work with the National Governors Association and The Pew Charitable Trusts on developing innovative strategies to improve the state’s business regulatory environment to promote economic growth.

Delaware’s effort in the two-year program will focus on providing small business owners and entrepreneurs with greater access to information and resources. The initiative also includes assisting state agencies that promote, support and regulate small business.

“Governors around the country are committed to advancing sensible, predictable business regulations that balance public health and safety with the flexibility to allow entrepreneurs to pursue their dreams and create jobs that are essential to the economy,” said Martin Simon, NGA’s Economic Opportunity director. “Through our partnership with Pew, we’ll help give governors the perspectives and tools they need to reform their own states’ regulations in ways that fulfill the priorities and the needs of their states.”

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