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New report offers suggestions for improving Delaware’s permit process

Delaware business leaders are looking to make the process for permitting new construction projects more efficient.

A new report commissioned by the Ready in 6 Coalition makes a number of recommendations, including giving priority to major development projects and improving communication among state agencies.

Permitting for some projects can take as long as two years in Delaware, far longer than other states in the Mid-Atlantic, putting Delaware at a disadvantage compared with states like New Jersey and Pennsylvania, said the report prepared by consulting firm KPMG.

The Ready in 6 Coalition includes business groups such as the Delaware Business Roundtable, Delaware State Chamber of Commerce and Kent Economic Partnership, among others that want to see the permitting time for construction projects reduced to six months.

“With significant competition between states for jobs, talent and investment, an efficient permit process is critical to demonstrate a favorable business climate and provide a predictable outcome for businesses seeking to locate or expand in Delaware,” the report says.

Other recommendations in the report include:

  • Streamlining DelDOT’s permit review process so applications are commented on earlier in the process
  • Pre-packaging approvals for priority development sites
  • Using technology to coordinate permit review among different state agencies

Click here to read the report.

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