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Delmarva Power’s business customers should check whether they qualify for a lower rate, PSC and Public Advocate say

As many as 5,200 businesses served by Delmarva Power may be eligible for lower rates for their electric service, an investigation by staffs at the Delaware Public Service Commission and Delaware Division of the Public Advocate found.

More than 5,200 Delmarva commercial customers receiving Medium General Service (MGS) or Large General Service (LGS), may be paying higher rates than their electricity usage calls for, PSC and Division of the Public Advocate said in a press release.

“The issue came to light a few months ago and has the potential to impact businesses of all sizes throughout Delaware,” Deputy PSC Director Matt Hartigan said. “We look forward to working collaboratively with Delmarva Power to resolve this issue as soon as practicably possible.”

In the meantime, PSC and the Division of Public Advocate are advising Delmarva commercial customers receiving MGS or LGS to call Delmarva Power at 1-800-375-7117 to ask whether they qualify for a lower rate.

Rate calculations can be found on page 2 of the Delmarva Power bill under “Details of Your Electric Charges.”

Click here to read the press release from the PSC and the Division of the Public Advocate.

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