Division of Small Business

EDGE Grant Winners

EDGE (Encouraging Development, Growth and Expansion) grows Delaware’s economy by providing funding to promising early-stage businesses to level the playing field against larger, more established competitors.

The business can spend the money on expenses that help improve the company’s long-term chances of success, such as a marketing campaign to help acquire more customers or purchasing a needed piece of equipment that can increase production capacity.

Since EDGE launched in 2019, $5.6 million has been awarded to 90 promising Delaware small businesses in industries ranging from wearable technology to agribusiness to craft brewing.

EDGE Round 9 is now open for applications until March 1, 2024. Learn More Here.

Fall 2023 Grantees

Marins Med is a pioneering prosthetics innovations company, distinguished by their woman-owned status and their Chief Technical Officer (CTO), an amputee and accomplished engineer. Marins Med’s goal with EDGE grant funding is to move through the final stages of research and development prototyping through final design and manufacturing to ensure the innovative ProHensor reaches those with limb loss. Funding will be used to purchase manufacturing equipment and for marketing assistance.

OmniPotential Energy Partners will use funding to build a proof-of-concept pilot program of curbside, residential electric vehicle (EV) chargers and install them on Delaware properties. They will use it to finalize their supply chain, identify final business partners, solicit seed customers and tool-up to build and deploy a pilot program of approximately 10 Curbstar devices in the state of Delaware over 12 months. Curbside, residential EV chargers are a potential solution to EV owners who live in multi-family units with street or lot parking only.

ACE Running LLC (doing business as, “RunDNA”) brings running gait analysis to all levels of runner. Their service leverages innovative camera and software technologies at a competitive price point to provide real time analysis of running gait. This powerful tool is used by running professionals throughout the world to effectively modify a runner’s form to prevent injury and optimize performance. RunDNA’s flagship product is their Helix 3D running gait analysis device. The company’s EDGE award will allow them to expand their motion capture capabilities to walking gait. Funding will be used for purchasing equipment, software licenses, and covering research and development staff costs.

Sindri Materials is a manufacturer and product development company dedicated to delivering ultra-high quality (UHQ) graphene (carbon) materials and products to market. Sindri can produce graphene that is a completely continuous, large-area sheet that yields electrical performance. With the EDGE grant Sindri will develop a high-capacity graphene manufacturing system. Its product can accelerate drug and vaccine development by optimizing the speed and resolution structural biologists image macromolecules using a ground-breaking new method called cryogenic electron microscopy (the “cryo-em” market). The graphene grids essentially hold the macromolecules in place for imaging.


Studio Charter has begun making virtual studios that eliminate the need for costly video productions. These studios can be installed in any 10×15 or larger room at a customer’s home or office. They are permanent studio installations with true cinema cameras that can be run remotely, without a crew, for simple, repeatable genres like podcasts and testimonials. The studios allow recording of cinematic medium-closeups in any location, real or imagined. The goal of Studio Charter is to make video production accessible to anyone. Nonprofits, schools, and government will all finally be able to produce video at a high level and volume. EDGE funding will be used for staff, design, prototyping and materials costs.

Baybird Orthodontics is a minority women-owned business located in Smyrna run by Dr. Sita Patel. The clinic offers a range of orthodontic treatments, including orthodontic appliances, traditional braces, and clear aligners. However, the one service they currently do not provide is 3D printed aligners in house. The EDGE grant funding will be used to purchase a 3D printing system to allow them to produce clear aligners on-site, reducing the cost of orthodontic care for their customers. Funds will also be used to support the aligner machine by providing additional equipment, supplies, and a computer. Marketing and advertising expenses are also included.

Delaware Dynamix LLC, which just opened for classes, provides gymnastics instruction and associated activities for children up to age 17, as well as similar opportunities for adults. A market analysis determined a lack of services like theirs within a convenient drive to the Milton, Lewes, and Rehoboth Beach area, thereby supporting the need for such a facility. The owners boast more than 30 years of experience in gymnastics and youth sports instruction. They will use EDGE grant funds for equipment and staffing at their 7000 square foot facility for a Little Ninja program aimed at young boys, and gymnastics and trampoline programming for special needs children.

Futures First Gaming LLC (FFG), is a™ Accredited Educational Technology, Media, and Esports Entertainment Company. FFG brings together gamers and esports enthusiasts to compete, build community, and engage in educational opportunities to explore career pathways in STEM and relevant esports disciplines. The company is known for its accreditation in educational technology, media, and esports entertainment. EDGE Grant funding will be used to acquire cutting-edge gaming and streaming computers, software, and furniture for their esports technology workforce training facility. Funding will also allow the company to organize more workforce development trainings, esports events, and esports camps.

The Hive is a minority-owned member-based business and event center that aims to support entrepreneurs and non-profit founders by providing them with the space, equipment, and resources necessary for their business growth and long-term success. The Hive primarily offers hourly space rentals and a range of business-building services, including corporate event planning, marketing, basic brand development, document printing, and secure shredding.  EDGE grant funding will be used for facade improvements and construction to meet code requirements and for design, technology, and equipment upgrades to better serve customers.

Bed Ledge is an adaptive mobility product designed to assist individuals with decreased strength, coordination, or balance safely lift their legs into bed. The inability to safely navigate in and out of bed leads to increased risk for injury and falls and can be the determinate as to whether someone can safely live in his/her home without assistance. Bed Ledge is the first leave-in-place device that allows the user to move from a sitting position to reclining through incremental movements, thereby decreasing risk of injury and promoting independence. EDGE funding will be used to fund the creation of plastic injection molds and a first production run of 500 units, packaging, and third-party product testing.



Spring 2023 Grantees

Connect2Co is a cutting-edge business to business startup software tool that will revolutionize the digital workspace for businesses and organizations of all sizes. Its all-in-one platform seamlessly integrates external solutions, eliminating the need for toggling between various applications (ex. Send an email with Gmail, download or share a document from Google Drive/Microsoft OneDrive, close an opportunity with Salesforce). The grant money enables Connect2Co to ramp up its initial operations by funding co-working space at the Mill in Wilmington, along with marketing and speeding the platform’s development timeline.
Doubly is a minority and women-owned startup founded in 2023. Doubly is an innovative application that integrates seamlessly with enterprise messaging platforms like Teams and Slack to help boost productivity, and connectedness as a result of remote work conditions. EDGE funding will be used to finalize the application’s development and conduct extensive user testing as well as hire software engineers and designers to expedite the application’s development.
TX ElectroMagnetic Materials LLC is a science-driven company committed to advancing the development of cutting-edge electro and magnetic materials for the solar cell and semiconductor industries. The company is developing a new metallization silver paste specifically designed for future silicon solar cells. The EDGE grant will be used to accelerate product development efforts, expand sales and marketing initiatives, develop product samples, and successfully bring the product to market.
Hx Innovations is a biomechanics testing and technology company with a patented assessment technique related to the stability and joint movement of the knee, ankle, and foot. This led them to develop a neuromuscular predictive model for sports teams to help them create safe training regimens and recovery strategies for athletes. Hx Innovations is currently located in the Chase Field House and is using its technology with athletic teams there. The EDGE funding will be used to expand the company’s presence at the Fieldhouse, build a more robust database for its platform, and make the software for real-time injury monitoring, mobile.
Leadership Excellence Academy for Nonprofits, or LEAN, aims to make a transformational impact in the nonprofit sector. Instead of focusing on short-term gains, LEAN adopts a long-term approach to prioritize creating sustainable solutions. LEAN’s expertise helps nonprofits identify and address gaps in their operations, thereby making them more effective in achieving their goals. EDGE funding will be used to develop innovative app technology to provide a vehicle for encouraging next-gen donors to support nonprofits through giving.
Droneversity hopes to revolutionize the aviation and STEM industries through comprehensive drone-related workforce development programs. A diverse range of offerings includes drone pilot ground and flight school for federal certification, STEMulation programs for hands-on education, international eSport drone soccer programs, professional development for educators, and consulting services. EDGE funding will help them secure a permanent indoor facility as opposed to temporary site hosts where internet connectivity and weather conditions can be challenging. The company’s planned location is in a downtown development zone.
G & R Industries is a start-up manufacturing company, located in Smyrna, that is bringing an innovative construction hanger to the market. The GRO Hanger provides a safer, faster, stronger, and more cost-effective solution for installing piping and fixtures in steel joist construction. EDGE funding will support startup costs including the purchase of assembly equipment, trade show marketing, testing and certifications, and the initial production run of GRO Hangers.
Paraklete Properties is a woman-owned and family operated business that seeks to provide locally grown baled pine straw. Established in 2019, Paraklete Properties is committed to Delaware’s growth while preserving its natural beauty. EDGE funding will be used to purchase a proprietary pine straw baler as well as to construct a storage location for the straw. The funds will assist in providing an increased volume of densely packed pine bales, with minimally handled straw as well as provide a protected area for storage before the sale.
The Nest Play Cafe is an innovative establishment for parents to take their young children, to explore a fun, exciting play area, while they relax or interact with other parents in an upscale café lounge and seating area. With a holistic, eco-friendly and Montessori-inspired approach the Nest Play Café offers programming including baby sign language, Spanish, Mandarin, sensory play, arts & crafts, and milestone development classes taught by a pediatric occupational therapist. EDGE funding will enable to owners to do phase 2 of their construction plan for an additional restroom and add plumbing and buy equipment for an organic coffee and smoothie bar area. 
Studio B seeks to establish a unique fusion of commerce and art by serving as an ultra-fast turnaround print-on-demand hub and a supportive community workspace. The company will offer convenient access to top-notch print work such as restaurant menus, business cards, flyers, banners, and more. Additionally, Studio B will extend its services to artists and individuals, providing access to professional assistance, a supportive creative environment, and high-end tools and equipment that are typically out of reach for independent creators. EDGE funding will help the company acquire equipment and professional website assistance for effective outreach, marketing, and online sales potential.


Fall 2022 Grantees

A.I. Whoo is working to develop a mobile application for clinicians to conduct gait assessments using a smartphone. A gait assessment is the evaluation of the way someone walks and is used to diagnose disorders in walking patterns. Current gait assessment technologies require patients to go into an office to be evaluated. The A.I. Whoo app will enable gait assessments to be conducted remotely. EDGE grant funds will be used to develop the mobile application software and market it to clinicians.
Rotulu is developing an application that provides real-time busing information for parents and schools with the benefits of instant messaging and alerts, two-way communication, and an easy-to-use interface. Rotulu is currently beta testing features and receiving valuable, real-world feedback from charter schools, which is ensuring the solution being built is accurate and effective. EDGE grant funds will be used to build out the desired functionality in the parent communication app, integrate the app with Android and Apple devices, enhance existing cloud infrastructure, and create additional features in the app.
All Azimuth Solutions (AAS) is developing and commercializing proprietary technology, including the electronic Community Advanced Air Mobility (AAM) Toolkit, known as eCAT. The eCAT platform will house a repository of information to include educational and outreach materials, AAM demonstration playbooks, and community leaders’ decision support tools to integrate AAM into communities. The EDGE grant will be used for eCAT software development and deployment, association fees, a demonstration booth, marketing materials, advertising, and website improvements.
BioCurie is a startup in Wilmington that is developing the world’s first AI-based software to transform the current state of cell and gene therapy (CGT) production from today’s brute-force “hit-or-miss” approach to a new data-driven paradigm. This innovative software will enable biopharma to swiftly and efficiently develop and manufacture CGTs that are safe, effective, and affordable. The EDGE grant will fund the commercialization of BioCurie’s first product for gene therapy manufacturing.
Voice 4 Impact (V4I) delivers sustainable technology solutions to create safer and healthier communities. With their patented technology, V4I is at the forefront of observing and understanding human behavior. V4I’s solution connects people, communities, and data to increase awareness, create greener traffic solutions and build equitable funding goals. As a result, agencies make a 1:1 connection with the public at a fraction of the cost and time of traditional methods. EDGE grant funds will be used to staff, develop, and scale V4I’s platform to serve more utilities, tolling and transportation facilities in order to expand the company’s reach.
BlackDog provides accessible behavioral support to Delaware dog owners with private in-home training and post-adoption support for animals adopted through local shelters. Even more central to the mission, however, is to support its surrounding community through advocacy, education, and access to resources. Initial grant funding through EDGE will foster BlackDog’s expansion into a more sustainable operating model utilizing a standalone space for training activities.
Sassy Bee Honey is a Certified Naturally Grown (CNG) apiary founded with a passion for curating handmade products while having a positive impact on the environment and increasing accessibility to locally-sourced products throughout Delaware. Sassy Bee’s current business model utilizes Micro Apiaries, utilizing small clusters of bee colonies in several locations. In 2021, 700 pounds of honey was extracted and processed from 10 colonies. The EDGE funding will be used to renovate a 400 square foot space and purchase more efficient equipment in order to increase production capacity.
Nourish Markets provides 24-hour access to healthy, affordable, and sustainable foods, snacks, beverages, and ready-to-eat meal options. Nourish Markets is forging a pioneering path in the health and wellness convenience food industry by establishing Delaware’s first 100% autonomous marketplace. The mission of Nourish Markets is uncomplicated – to make healthy food, snack, and beverage options accessible, convenient, and affordable to all consumers while employing industry-leading technologies. The EDGE grant will be used to purchase frictionless hardware equipment so the company can expand and open a second location in Wilmington. 
Rail Haus’ mission is to be a great beer garden, all the time, for everyone and aims to be the first year-round beer garden in the state. With a focused investment in both the inside and outside space, Rail Haus will be the destination spot Dover deserves and have a large, positive impact on the surrounding community. This family-friendly, dog-friendly project will be smartly operated, inclusive, and fun. The EDGE grant will be used to purchase outdoor heaters, firepits, trees, sod, and a sprinkler system.
Pink Electrical Services (PES) provides expert electrical services to Delaware businesses and homeowners. PES offers free estimates and reliable, high-quality service. Their electricians maintain a professional demeanor and great customer service while performing at the highest level. The EDGE grant will be used to purchase up to two work trucks which would enable the company to hire a crew comprised of electricians and journeymen.


Spring 2022 Grantees

Carbon Reform has developed a proprietary modular carbon dioxide (CO2) capture technology called the Carbon Capsule. The device retrofits into a commercial building’s ventilation system and is able to improve indoor air quality for occupants, create energy savings for building owners, and directly capture and repurpose tons of CO2 annually into a valuable limestone byproduct. Carbon Reform will use their EDGE Grant funding to secure the purchase of capital equipment to get them to the next stage of development, including manufacturing their first 10 Carbon Capsule commercial units.
Cosmos Pharmaceuticals developed a solution to combat prescription medication abuse and improve individualized patient care by introducing a simple personalized medication lock called FortisKap. FortisKap, a universal pill bottle cap, secures a patient’s prescription with their unique biometric signature and tracks robust medication usage throughout the course of treatment. The company will use its EDGE grant for equipment needed to commercialize their product and for office space at the STAR campus at University of Delaware.
HARTLON developed a bioresorbable vascular stent that is designed to eliminate pain, non-healing sores, and risk of limb amputation caused by poor blood flow below-the-knee. After a medical doctor unblocks an artery, the patented HARTLON stent is designed to be inserted into the opening to provide temporary support until the artery heals and then the stent dissolves leaving the artery in a longer lasting natural open condition. The company will use its EDGE grant for laboratory space, manufacturing services, and demonstration of performance with a preclinical study.
G-Flash LLC is working to bring Green Flash Chromatography (GFC®) to commercialization for the pharmaceutical industry. Flash chromatography is a method of chemical separation used to purify chemical mixtures into individual constituents. The company will use its EDGE grant funding to quickly commercialize their latest technology, as well as integrate new unit hardware and software.
Moonprint Solutions is an engineering company with services that include product development, consulting, and prototype manufacturing. The EDGE grant will be used for a Computer Numeric Controlled material plotter/cutter to support prototyping and production of soft goods products.
Creekview Assessment Center is a small private group practice of clinical, school, and neuropsychologists. The business provides specialized psychological testing including, autism, psychoeducational, and disability evaluations. The business will use its EDGE grant funding to further invest in cutting edge technology for psychological test administration, marketing, and training other providers across the state of Delaware.
Enhanced Edge LLC is a mental health counseling derivative specializing in full spectrum mental illness treatment through Alpha-Stim, QEEG brain mapping, biofeedback, and neurofeedback. The EDGE grant will be used to make various equipment, infrastructure, and marketing advancements. The most significant advancement is a “Dry” QEEG brain scanning cap which will allow the company to triple the number of clients they can treat in a day.
My Sister’s Fault is a Puerto Rican inspired bakery owned and operated by sisters Angie and Rous Robles. The bakery opened its doors in 2017 and currently has 10 employees. During the pandemic, the owners switched their operations to online orders and take-out only. Since then, the bakery’s sales have increased significantly. My Sister’s Fault will use their EDGE Grant funding to purchase new refrigeration and freezer equipment which will allow them the opportunity to complete more custom cake orders, hire more staff, and extend their operating hours for special events.
Salt Fitness is a boutique fitness cycling studio that provides a personalized experience focused on lifting one another up, developing community and relationships, tearing life walls down, full body health, high energy music, sweat drenched workouts, and having fun in a loving and supportive environment. The EDGE grant will be used to open a second studio in Milford, for advertising and instructor retention, and to finish improvements at the West Rehoboth Beach location.
STATS Sports Complex LLC is an outdoor baseball facility that uses sports to encourage youth success beyond the field. What started as a tournament management endeavor has grown into a full-service facility that serves over 300 teams, hosts about 600 games, and 12 baseball tournaments annually. The business will use EDGE funding to build two grass convertible fields which will allow STATS to accommodate an additional 240 little league, high school, college, and travel baseball teams, as well as six more tournaments annually.


Fall 2021 Grantees

TheraV works to transform and innovate post-amputation therapy and rehabilitation through the creation of drug-free solutions that improve the quality of life of amputees. TheraV’s leading product, TheraV ELIX, is a drug-free wearable device that applies customized mechanical stimulation to overcome phantom limb pain. TheraV will use the EDGE grant funds for product development and manufacturing, website development, office space and conference travel.
CM Materials is a seed-stage advanced materials company paving a more efficient future of electromagnetic components such as transformers, inductors, chokes, and filters. With the funds from the EDGE grant, the company will be able to demonstrate key performance improvements in devices for end-users which will accelerate the commercialization and market adaptation of CM Materials and increase the brand value.
Elyte Energy uses patent-protected hydrogen technology to build a highly efficient power supply for generators and other fixed and portable devices. The EDGE grant will be used for laboratory space and equipment to develop a commercial prototype of its hydrogen-based system to power recreational vehicles.
Gaskiya Diagnostics offers low-cost, paper-based and easy-to-use diagnostic tests for disease detection in aquaculture worldwide. The company will use its grant for research and development of its diagnostic aquaculture test, laboratory space and equipment and other services including a validated prototype to offer investors.
Kindwell is a group of scientists, engineers and business executives dedicated to the improvement of chemical analysis to positively impact climate change, environmental justice and air quality. The company is using highly innovative and impactful technology to create compact gas chromatography devices and multi-pollutant monitors to measure organic and inorganic chemicals in the air. Kindwell will use its grant to make engineering and software upgrades to their devices and on marketing and commercialization of their products.
How Do You Brew is a retailer of supplies for home brewers currently based in Newark. The company will use EDGE funding to build and market a new retail space in Smyrna that will double as a warehouse and distribution center for the growing business, expanding their reach into Kent and Sussex counties.
The Key to Life Juice Bar strives to promote and educate young people and members of the minority community on the importance of eating fruits and vegetables and the benefits of healthy eating. EDGE grant funds will be used for three months of rent at a location in downtown Dover, build-out needs, marketing and ingredients.
Lean On Me Caregiving is a non-medical in-home care agency that services the entire state of Delaware. Services include, but are not limited to, personal care and hygiene, companionship, socialization, homemaking and organization, nutrition and hydration assistance, mental stimulation, dementia care and medication reminders. EDGE funding will be used to develop an advanced educational employee training program on a web-based platform and to purchase equipment needed for the program.
CrossFit Petram is a brick-and-mortar gym strategically located in the heart of the MOT community, right on Main Street in downtown Middletown. Grant funds will be used to design & construct two showers inside the gym, purchase and install an infrared sauna and purchase new athlete recovery tools including compression boots and handheld massage guns.
One Way Insurance Group is a multilingual independent insurance agency specializing in auto, home, business and life and employee benefits. The company will use its EDGE grant to purchase a van and convert it into a mobile office to reach more clients and provide financial literacy to the communities it serves.
ONTrac is a self-improvement content publishing and accountability platform that aims to improve goal achievement outcomes by empowering self-improvement content creators and other accountability partners to create content utilizing their innovative, proprietary new content medium called SMARTracs™. Securing the EDGE Grant will allow ONTrac to differentiate itself from its competitors by launching a pilot opportunity with a well-known coach and social media influencer.
Pop In Artisan Pops is a manufacturer of custom frozen treats with a small fleet of vintage ice cream tricycles used at events. To grow their business, they need the ability to accommodate larger catering events, provide broader delivery options and expand distribution reach. They will use the EDGE grant funds to purchase a cargo van to expand their catering business.
Sweets & Treats is a dessert shop located in Dover’s historic downtown development district. The shop offers gourmet desserts and custom cakes and has served over 30,000 customers since opening in May 2019. EDGE grant funds will be used to expand the shop’s menu, purchase kitchen equipment and renovate the shop in order to add indoor seating.
The family of Rodney and Yolonda Messick, including their sons Joshua and Jacob, are diversifying their grain farm operation to incorporate a U-Pick Berry Farm. The Berry Patch will utilize a growing system that is ideal for easy picking and handicap accessibility. The family plans to begin operating in the fall of 2022 and will use EDGE grant funds to purchase an IBEX strawberry growing system, which protects plants from frost, mold and pests, by using raised single containers and coconut husks as growing matter.
The Center for Grief and Trauma Therapy provides mental health services for those experiencing grief or trauma. The business will use grant funds for technology upgrades, including improved internet access for its clinicians and staff to provide telehealth and in-person therapy, and additional marketing efforts.


Summer 2021 Grantees

1440 Film Co. is a full-service video production company located in Wilmington that specializes in commercials, documentaries, and branded content. The company will use grant funding to purchase a cargo van and various grip filmmaking equipment in order to continue delivering high-quality work that is creative, engaging, and makes an impact on its clients.
Aqua Science LLC is a biotechnology start-up that supplies high-quality testing solutions for the water quality testing market, including biosensor-based products, lab services, or complementary products sourced from others. The company created a BioLight product line used for toxicity testing of water and soil by municipalities, industrial companies, and utilities who demand high-quality results and adherence to regulation. They will use the grant funding to develop a luminometer to be used with the BioLight kits.
When Jon Talkington and JR Walker opened the Brimming Horn Meadery in Milton, Delaware in 2017 they had no idea how quickly their niche corner of the market would grow. Fast forward to 2021 and now the meadery is yet again expanding their horizons into the food truck industry. With their newly acquired EDGE funding, Jon and JR will be opening a Viking-themed food truck to complement their meads and serve their hungry clientele.
Curative Sciences is an early-stage life science start-up developing a comprehensive treatment platform for Oral Mucositis, tissue swelling in the mouth often caused by cancer treatment. The platform includes light-based therapy as well as oral care products for the management of intermediate to long-term oral side effects of cancer therapy. The grant will allow Curative Sciences to develop the next generation of their light-based therapy device.
This veteran-owned company acquires tools and equipment on a consignment basis and offers them for sale at fair market prices from a brick-and-mortar industrial facility in Newark. The company will use its grant to lease, build out, and open a second location in or near Newark, and equip their existing location with an integrated system to receive, inspect, clean, and repair tools more efficiently.
Founded in late 2019 by Kwaku Temeng, Desikant Technologies created technology that incorporates electronics into protective gear to actively exchange warm, humid interior air with cooler, drier ambient air. The company’s current project is developing and testing a cooling vest that surgeons can wear to prevent heat exhaustion during long surgeries. Desikant will use its grant to add new capabilities (intelligent, automatic operation) to its technology toolkit and pave the way for developing products for demanding, high value, and profitable applications.
Making Seaford a better place, one storefront at a time is exactly what Craig de Mariana Aleman and his family are all about. With their EDGE funding, Doña Maria will be expanding their restaurant outside and offering hand-dipped ice cream services to locals. While dining outside, customers will also be able to enjoy a beautiful new mural that Craig will commission, highlighting a local artist.
Elite Feet is a local, family-owned and operated retail specialty running store that sells high quality footwear and apparel for the entire family. The company will use grant funds to create a mobile retail store in a climate-controlled trailer. The mobile trailer will allow customers to be fitted for and purchase athletic shoes while attending races or other events, increasing the company’s profits and return on investment.
Jami Jackson has grown her once small online boutique shop to a brick-and-mortar storefront in Harbeson, Delaware where her clients receive excellent customer service and one-of-a-kind pieces. With her EDGE funding, Jackson plans on investing in new inventory to grow sales, with hopes to bring on a new employee who can help her better serve her patrons in Delaware and the 29 other states that she ships to currently.
Founder Eugene Delle Donne launched Grail Sports LLC during the summer of 2018 with aspirations to penetrate the sports media world. After evolving from specializing in online blogging and podcasts, in January 2021, Grail Sports entered into a lease agreement to acquire a 24,000 square foot gymnasium to create an elite training facility for youth programs called the Grail Sports Complex. EDGE grant funding will be used to renovate the lower level of the sports complex to allow Grail Sports the opportunity to offer indoor training in multiple sports.
Always looking to solve problems, Newark’s Kasai Guthrie will be utilizing his EDGE funding to enable young adults to learn how to responsibly manage money and eventually hopes to transform his clients into entrepreneurs. Neggster, Guthrie’s new banking app, will teach its users how to better oversee their funds and to guide them to a more prosperous future.
Vickie George, co-founder of Paragon Life and Fitness, believes that engaging in exercise should not be just for the elite or the able-bodied, and inclusiveness should have a place in the fitness industry. Paragon Life and Fitness plans to use its EDGE grant funding to open a fitness facility for adults and people with physical disabilities that will include wheelchair/dual accessible equipment.
This company was established to commercialize technology to help mitigate the symptoms of Parkinson’s disease. The grant will make it possible for Resonate Forward to develop a manufacturable prototype and design for their RMband device that mitigates tremors in patients with Parkinson’s disease. In addition, grant funds will also be used to help the company secure research/office space at the University of Delaware’s STAR campus.
Charles “Cheeks” Kelchner and his business partners are passionate about great things – specifically, street tacos served from their food truck, Taco Jardin, located at the Painted Stave Distilling in Smyrna. Chef Cheeks will be utilizing his newly obtained EDGE funding to purchase another food truck to take his fare on the road throughout Kent County.
Tempest Risk Management provides world class business continuity and disaster recovery solutions to businesses and communities enabling them to survive and thrive. EDGE grant funding will be used to build and launch the Tempest Risk Management Portal giving Delaware’s small and medium business owners instant access to critical resources when they are needed during a business emergency or disruption.


Winter 2019 Grantees


This company offers online music lessons for voice and various instruments including guitar and piano. It will use its grant to upgrade its online platform and add online learning materials.
This bakery-café will use the grant to upgrade its equipment and market its new services and a second Milford location scheduled to open later this year.
This woman-owned company will use its grant to roll out the mobile app it developed that lets pet parents track the progress of their cat or dog’s treatment during a stay at a veterinary hospital.
This family-owned craft brewing company located in downtown Middletown will use its grant to purchase new brewing and fermentation equipment to expand production.
This company purchases and renovates single-family homes in Wilmington which it leases to nonprofits and governmental entities to house families in need of housing and supportive services. It will use the grant to purchase and renovate additional homes.
This company makes an extremely fast-charging and safe battery, which can enable a less than 10-minute charge for E-mobility applications, such as enabling an electric vehicle to go 200 miles on a 10-minute charge. 2M will use the grant to scale up production to meet customer demand.
This company is focused on commercializing binder-free carbon nanotube sheets made using its proprietary processes. The sheets are superior filtration/separation membranes and electromagnetic interference shielding material for a host of industries including bioprocessing, defense, consumer electronics and automotive. The company will use its grant to acquire additional lab equipment and for marketing.
This company is developing sustainable products from biomass, such as that which is produced in beer manufacturing. It will use the grant to scale up its chemical process, increase production capacity and attract larger commercial customers.
This company developed a way of integrating sensors into textiles that can be used to monitor a patient during physical rehabilitation. It will use the grant to scale up manufacturing to increase production and expand applications.
This company developed a hydrogel-based system that allows the body to absorb pharmaceuticals more efficiently. It will use its grant for critical equipment for R&D services for pharmaceutical companies and to conduct toxicology studies.


Summer 2019 Grantees


This woman-owned business operates a successful blow out-bar in Greenville called Blo Blow Dry Bar. It will use the grant to move to a larger space which will enable it to expand its staff and serve more customers.
This women-owned company uses 3D technology and digital pattern making to produce custom-made women’s apparel for the workplace. It will use the grant to pursue its national growth strategy.
This veteran-owned firm manages a fund which raises money to invest in real estate projects in Opportunity Zones in Delaware. It will use the grant for market analysis, marketing and legal fees.
This woman-owned business installs commercial signs and awnings in southern Delaware and on the Eastern Shore of Maryland. It will use the grant to purchase a second bucket truck to better meet demand for the company’s services.
This minority- and woman-owned business plans to open a home-style, soul food restaurant in downtown Dover. The owner already sells her food at the city’s weekly farmers market. She will use the grant to help build a commercial kitchen in the building she plans to use for her restaurant.
This woman-owned business develops medical simulation equipment to train healthcare professionals. It will use the grant accelerate its efforts to market its products to hospital systems across the U.S.
This woman-owned business processes industrial hemp and extracts CBD oil. It will use its grant to purchase the equipment it needs to extract and process the oil at scale, helping it to meet the growing demand for this product.
The company is developing a hybrid, non-GMO variety of wheat which may help ease the world’s shortage of the grain. It will use the grant for achieving two milestones critical for launching seed production.
The company uses light (photobiomodulation) to treat diseases and injuries affecting the brain. It will use the grant to complete a preliminary study to investigate the technology as a possible treatment for Parkinson’s disease.
This spin-out company from the University of Delaware is using a new class of hydroxide exchange membranes to power zero-emission fuel cell electric vehicles. It will use the grant to rent larger laboratory space and market to potential new customers.


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