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Division of Small Business

SCORE Delaware: The Power of CARE in Entrepreneurship

Date & Time:
Tuesday, December 17, 2019
6:30 pm

Hockessin Library
1023 Valley Road
Hockessin, Delaware

Join SCORE Delaware for a workshop on “The Power of CARE in Entrepreneurship.”

When you care about something, it should show. It should be obvious in the choices you make, the attitude you project, the relationships you cultivate and the effort you exert.

The Power of CARE™ draws on the disciplines of  communication, sociology, psychology, and performance management to create a framework that can be used to evaluate misson and vision, reinforce organizational goals and objectives, and provide insights for the development of new strategies. This workshop will apply the four elements of this framework to entrepreneurship and business growth and include the following topics: 

  • Choice: Goal setting and performance improvement through understanding the data; the importance of being  in Goal Mode rather than Gripe Mode
  • Attitude: The importance of continuous learning; the necessity of knowing your customers, employees, and the competition; the power of supplementing aptitude with a positive attitude
  • Relationships: The keys to building relationships and the importance of teamwork; classifying customers and other stakeholders and why it is important
  • Effort: The 3 MOs — Motivation, Mobility and Momentum; developing internal motivation and recognizing motivation deficits in others; establishing next steps, the key to continuous quality improvement

Applying these four areas to your organization’s operation will provide both a litmus test of your commitment and effectiveness and a wake-up call for needed improvements.

Presenter: Nadine Owens Burton of Owens Burton Consulting.

Admission: Free

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