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“Our mission is to enhance economic opportunities for the diverse business community of minority, women, veteran, service-disabled veteran and individuals with disabilities owned businesses as well as small businesses of a unique size and assist them in competing for the provision of commodities, services, and construction to State departments, agencies, authorities, school districts, higher education institutions and all businesses.”

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Become Certified as a diverse supplier (minority, women, veteran, service disabled veteran, and individuals with disabilities owned businesses) or a Small Business Focus (SBF) program vendor.

Research procurement opportunities with the State of Delaware

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To become more connected with the State of Delaware for access to opportunities for networking, business development, and contracting you are invited to consider the following:

State of Delaware Procurement Site: Your guide to the state’s procurement practices.

Learn “How to Do Business with The State of Delaware”: Government Support Services (GSS) Contracting Unit offers a free “Vendor Day” training sessions, to educate vendors on how to do business with the State of Delaware. This training covers the above as well as categories of procurement, spending thresholds, transparent business intelligence, access to opportunity points, the state’s checkbook and Procurement card spend sites, and more; all to help you determine if you might wish to bid on future contacts. Unadvertised below-threshold opportunities are also explained.

Search for Delaware Contracts: You can search current and archived contracts. This site includes information on pricing for central contracts, expiration dates, originating solicitations, Awarded Vendors, which businesses submitted proposals, and historical spend reporting for GSS central contracts. These contracts are for formal procurement activities and the information available may vary based upon the agency initiating the solicitation and controlling the contract.

Register for Formal Contracting Opportunity Notifications & Search Open Solicitations: Sign up for a free service that allows you to receive bid notifications for your industry. Access and a step-by-step guide can be found here.

Seek New Opportunities to Do Business with Schools, Fire Departments, and Municipalities: Not all entities are required by Delaware Code to utilize State contracts, but they may choose to or may contract on their own. Excluded entities are schools, fire departments, and municipalities. Therefore, you are eligible to market directly to these groups. To help you identify whom to contact GSS maintains a list of those procurement officers.

Review the Results: of our outreach to the vendor community, contract spending with the business community, how many vendors are engaged with us, the certified community of diverse and small businesses, and much more you can view the “Economic Development“ and “Government & Finance” tiles within Open Data and the “Results Delaware” tile within MyMarketplace.

Join the OSD List Serv: Subscribe to receive notice of various business networking events, development workshops, and other business engagement throughout the state and region. Click here to subscribe. Consider attending an “Open for Business” free event where the various Business Resource Partners come together to meet and assist you; they are offered in each county.

View the Division of Small Business Events Calendar to find workshops, networking opportunities, seminars, special events and more that could be the key to your business’s next big step.

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