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State Purchase and Bid Procedures

Includes questions about under threshold bids, contract advertising, and Delaware state procurement code.

No. Some agencies contain vendors that have competitively bid on requests for proposals and are selected to provide services for the specific agency for an agreed upon time. For example, the Department of Technology and Information has a list of vendors that provide technical services and staffing.
No. According to Title 29, Delaware Code, Chapter 69, under threshold bids which are generally less than $50,000 do not have to be publicly advertised. Please visit the Small Purchase Procedures and Thresholds web page of the Contracting web site and view small purchase procedures and thresholds for additional information.
The Delaware Code defines professional services as “services, which generally require specialized education, training or knowledge and involve intellectual skills. Examples of professional services include, but are not limited to, engineering, environmental engineering, environmental monitoring, land surveying, landscape architecture, geology, architectural, archaeologists, architectural historians, historians, educational consultants, management, medical, teaching, planning, computer information management, financial, accounting, auditing, construction management and arbitration services.”
A business license is recommended. In the case of any contract entered into by an agency other than any county of this State and other than a public school district, and which is not excluded under §§ 6980 and/or 6981 of this title, no contract shall be executed unless and until the firm has provided the agency with its taxpayer identification number (i.e., federal employer identification number or social security number) or its Delaware business license number and, within 15 days of the time identification of any subcontractor shall be required or at the time the contract is executed, whichever is later, the number of such subcontractor. The agency shall report to the Division of Revenue each firm and subcontractor selected for an award within 15 days of identification of such firm or subcontractor under this section unless the Director of the Division of Revenue notifies the agency of criteria according to which, in the Director’s discretion, reporting is not required, and the contract meets such criteria. (59 Del. Laws, c. 573, § 1; 60 Del. Laws, c. 589, § 1; 61 Del. Laws, c. 3, § 3; 70 Del. Laws, c. 94, § 2; 70 Del. Laws, c. 601, § 9).
In most cases, yes. Large public works projects (over $50,000) are publicly bid and the Delaware Code states “all plans and specifications shall be prepared by registered and licensed architects and/or engineers who shall sign the plans and specifications and affix their seals thereto.” The Delaware Association of Professional Engineers is responsible for the licensing of engineers and engineering firms. The Division of Professional Regulation is responsible for licensing of most other professionals within the State.
Chapter 69 – Title 29 is Delaware state procurement and contracting regulations.
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