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Delaware Economic Development Authority

The Delaware Economic Development Authority (DEDA) was created by the General Assembly in order to promote economic activity in the State of Delaware.

Title 29, Chapter 87, Subchapter VII, § 8751 establish DEDA as an instrumentality of State of Delaware, exercising public and essential governmental functions.

Its charge is to ensure gainful employment opportunities for the citizens of Delaware; reduce, abate or prevent pollution of Delaware’s environment or protect its natural resources or, in the case of a medical facility, nursing facility or facility for the residence or care of the aged, help provide modern and efficient medical, nursing or residence facilities for the citizens of Delaware.

The Director of the Delaware Division of Small Business, which is part of the Delaware Department of State, chairs the Authority and may designate officers or employees of the Division of Small Business to lawfully act on his behalf.

Under Delaware Code, the Authority is authorized to issu bonds to finance the cost of any project, or part or any project, or provide other financing support to projects with approval by the Council on Development Finance. CDF is responsible for conducting a public hearing following reasonable public notice, prior to the issuance by the Authority of any bond or the provision by the Authority of any other form of financing support.

Staff of the Authority is tasked with reviewing prospective projects to determine whether the goals and outcomes of the projects align with the purposes set forth in Delaware law, including whether they contribute to the prosperity, health or general welfare of the citizens of Delaware. Upon successful approval of a prospective project, the Authority will adopt a resolution and execute the necessary legal agreements.

TEFRA notices, when available, will be posted to this page.

TEFRA Notification

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