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SizeUp Delaware is a free, robust business analytics tool designed to support small and medium-sized businesses in a variety of stages, from the entrepreneur looking to start their first business to a seasoned business owner looking to expand their customer base. SizeUp Delaware can assist in providing answers to:

    • Where should I start my business in Delaware?
    • Who are my competitors and how do I perform compared to them?
    • How can I find more customers?
    • How do I identify the best places to locate and advertise my business?

The Division of Small Business held a virtual training demonstration for small business owners on the SizeUp Delaware tool when it was first launched in May 2022. To view the recorded training demo, please visit this link.

SizeUp Delaware Training Demo

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Benchmark Performance

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See how you size up by comparing your performance to all other competitors in your industry. SizeUp super-crunches millions of data points so businesses know where they rank.

Discover New Customers

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Find new customers, suppliers, and better understand the competitive landscape. Visualize new business opportunities through lists of companies and analysis of consumers.

Optimize Advertising

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Target your ideal customers based on the preferred client characteristics that matter to your company. Then, determine the best places to target your next marketing campaign.

Demographic Analysis

Graphic showing a pie chart, text, and a map with location indicators on it

Interactively map demographic, labor force, and consumer expenditure data for your area. Tailor your analysis to the area around your address, or to a custom boundary.

Frequently Asked Questions

SizeUp serves both small businesses and the large companies that have small business customers. SizeUp helps large companies better serve their small business customers. For more information about this, please see the additional information by industry on our website. SizeUp helps small and medium-sized business owners make intelligent decisions to grow their businesses. To learn more and watch demonstrations, please visit How It Works.
In the United States, business data comes from hundreds of data sources including IRS records, county courthouse filings, Yellow Pages and White Pages, business publications, the U.S. Postal Service, and corporate annual reports, which are manually reviewed and maintained. The data is verified through over 25 million phone calls each year by third-party researchers and is constantly updated, which means the competitiveness ranking of businesses is recalculated with every update. This business data is similar to and includes the type of data used by the majority of the Fortune 100 companies, the most used search engines, and even GPS-based auto navigation systems.
SizeUp includes information on thousands of industries. To be included, an industry must be one in which the typical business produces revenue. This excludes many industries primarily funded by government and religious institutions. Industries included on SizeUp must also comprise at least 1,000 businesses nationwide.
There are a variety of charts and graphs created for you on SizeUp. One of the most common is a chart that compares your business to the performance of similar businesses in your industry located in your same city, county, metro, and state compared to the nation. You can use this graph to compare your business to how similar businesses which compete in your industry are performing in different locations.
All individual information you submit to SizeUp on the website to evaluate the competitiveness of your company is kept completely confidential and is only for your use. For more information about this please see our Privacy Policy. If you are using SizeUp technology on the websites of our customers, the terms of use and privacy policies are those of the website you are using.
By signing up for a SizeUp account you gain access to additional competitive analysis reports and receive notices when major data updates result in a change in your business’ competitiveness and industry benchmarking. Only SizeUp members have access to additional competitiveness reports. In addition, SizeUp updates major data sets throughout the year which will result in a change in the ranked competitiveness and benchmarking of your company, so we send you an e-mail reminder that your competitiveness report has been updated so you can review the new information. Through your account you can also receive information about resources which may benefit your company or reduce your expenses. In the near future, you will be able to store multiple reports and access them through your account profile.
We understand that every business is unique and desires additional help on SizeUp for that you can visit and sign up for a time slot to be helped on your specific use case by the SizeUp experts.



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