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Delaware’s State Small Business Credit Initiative-Funded

 Programs (SSBCI)


The Division of Small Business (DSB) is administering the State Small Business Credit Initiative (SSBCI), a federal program from the U.S. Treasury Dept., aimed at providing financing to help small and diverse businesses access capital (funding).

Delaware was awarded $60.9 million for four programs; two of which support loans for small businesses: the Delaware Loan Participation Program (DELPP), and the Delaware Capital Access Program (DCAP).

The goal of these lending programs and other SSBCI-based initiatives, is to support both small and early-stage businesses who are having challenges getting a traditional bank loan, as well as those in that are owned by socially and economically disadvantaged persons.

How the lending programs work: Small business owners  can meet with one of our Regional Business Managers who will review the programs with them. If they are a good fit, the Business Manager will provide the business owner with a list of our participating lenders (approved bank, credit union or Community Development Financial Institutions (CDFI)) to choose from. The business owner  applies for the loan with the bank/credit union/CDFI, and the DSB provides a portion of the loan amount to the lender, so the small business owner only has to deal with one entity for their loan paperwork.   

New! Sometimes the business owner needs additional assistance to meet the lender’s requirements and put them in a better position to obtain the loan. DSB has partnered with the DE Small Business Development Center (SBDC) to provide that support for free! View the webinar from SBDC and DSB to explain how the SSBCI program and our partnership works, and hear from our participating lenders.

DSB/SBDC Webinar  Webinar Slide Deck

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 Delaware Loan Participation Program – Helps small businesses obtain financing, usually in the form of 5 – 10-year loans, to help them grow and expand. It’s especially useful when a lender is unable to loan the business as much as requested due to issues such as lack of collateral. The lender may ask DSB to provide SSBCI funds for a portion of the loan. 

 View fact sheet here

Image is DCAP program logo. left quarter is an image of a tree with DELAWARE SSBCI stacked below it. The remain three-quarters are the acronym DCAP stretched out on top of the smaller print Delaware Capital Access Program

Delaware Capital Access Program (DCAP) –  Provides supportive financing for a business that has minor collateral or credit issues. It’s designed to assist those who are, or live in, socially or economically disadvantaged areas. On the banking side, the program uses a risk-pooling concept to mitigate some of the risks that may typically cause lenders to decline a loan or line of credit. It does this by having multiple borrowers using the same lending institution contribute payments to a single reserve fund that the lender can use as loan collateral. 

View fact sheet here.


DSB continues to actively recruit for additional participating lenders.  

Participating Lender Information Sheet

Del-One Federal Credit Union  

True Access Capital

Community Bank

*View the webinar recording: Delaware Division of Small Business Presents SSBCI – DECAP and DELPP Information Session (4/19/23)

Application – Delaware Loan Participation Application

Compliance Authorization Form 

Exhibit 1 – Borrower Use of Proceeds and Conflict of Interest Certification

Exhibit 2 – Lender Use of Proceeds and Conflict of Interest Certification

Exhibit 3 – Sex Offender Lender Borrower Certification

Exhibit 4 – Borrower SEDI Certification

Exhibit 5 – SSBCI Privacy Notice Statement

Exhibit 6 – Demographics Related Data

Compliance Authorization Form

Exhibit 1 – Borrower Use of Proceeds and Conflict of Interest Certification

Exhibit 2 – Borrower Agreement

Exhibit 3 – Notice to Borrower

Exhibit 4 – Sex Offender Lender Borrower Certification

Exhibit 5 – Lender Use of Proceeds and Conflict of Interest Certification

Exhibit 6 – Borrower SEDI Certification

Exhibit 7 – SSBCI Privacy Notice Statement

Exhibit 8 – Demographics Related Data

Exhibit 9 – Loan Filing Form

Exhibit 10 – Transmittal Form

Exhibit 11 – Supporting Loan Documentation

Exhibit 12 – Claim Request

For more detailed information regarding the requirements and restrictions of SSBCI funded programs please reference the following documents from the U.S. Treasury:


Send your request to be a participating lender along with the required materials that correspond to the Type of Lending Institution you are applying on behalf of, to with the Subject: Participating Lender Request.

DSB also released two Requests for Proposal (RFPs) in 2023 to manage the two equity/venture capital programs. The application period is closed.  Program details will be announced in 2024. 


  • Logo for SSBCI Accelerator & Seed Capital Program. One-quarter of logo is a tree, with Delaware SSSBCI stacked underneath. The remainder is DSCP in all caps with DE Accelerator & Seed Capital Program stacked under it. The Accelerator and Seed Capital Program –  DSB will contract with up to two fund managers to distribute funding to eligible very early or idea-stage start-ups. Those ultimately receiving funding are typically STEM-focused and considered very small (10 or less full-time employees including contractors and proprietors) businesses.


  • Program logo. Left quarter is a tree with Delaware SSBCI stacked under it. Other three quarters is letters DESVC in all caps on top and DE Early Stage Venture Capital Program stacked underneath.The Early-Stage Venture Capital Program – DSB will contract with a private, non-profit, or experienced fund manager, that would provide seed and early-stage venture capital to Delaware-based companies. Ultimately, small businesses applying for this money through the fund manager will most likely be STEM-based companies.



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