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Delaware Department of Agriculture

Specific Need:  Operations Market Development Access to Capital    |   Target Population:  Age-Based    |  Service Area(s):   New Castle  Kent  Sussex  Outside Delaware  Wilmington    |   Industry:   Agriculture  Small Business    |  Business Stage:  Expanding  Established  Start-up   

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The Department of Agriculture (DDA) is an executive agency headed by a cabinet secretary appointed by the governor. The DDA is responsible for sustaining and promoting agriculture industries throughout the state. It provides services to support agriculture, promote best agricultural practices, encourage increased agricultural production, protect the environment, grow business, and ensure safe and sustainable practices. Agriculture is one of the primary industries in the state and makes up a significant portion of the state's economy. The DDA is responsible for ensuring that agriculture continues to be an economic driver in the state and that Delaware's potential for economic prosperity through the agriculture industry continues to grow and expand.


Wood Utilization and Marketing: Working with the U.S. Forest Service to ensure that wood harvested from Delaware forests is fully utilized as timber products or for energy production.
Provides landowners a property tax exemption for forests managed for timber production.
A no-interest loan fund for farmers adding new irrigation systems. The fund aims to increase irrigated farmland in the state by partnering with private lending institutions to provide farmers with capital to increase output.
Assists Delaware fruit and vegetable growers with covering the expenses of a third-party food safety audit ensuring compliance with industry regulations and standards.
Protects forest lands to ensure they can continue to be used to produce forest products such as timber.
A grant aimed at increasing the competitiveness of Delaware’s specialty crops for individuals, producer groups, and organizations prioritizing food safety, enhancing crop capacity, pest/disease control, and improving food access for underserved communities.
Helps young farmers acquire farmland by offering long term, no-interest loans.

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