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Specific Need:  Operations    |   Target Population:  Minority    |  Service Area(s):   New Castle  Kent  Sussex  Outside Delaware  Wilmington    |   Industry:   Small Business   

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Since 2011, $tand By Me has provided Delawareans with a personal financial coach and a toolkit to navigate the challenges leading to personal financial security. By providing free one-on-one coaching in partnership with hundreds of community partners, including employers, educational institutions, state agencies, and nonprofit organizations, individuals in Delaware are becoming more financially independent, while also networking with local businesses and resources


$tand By Me Hispano offers financial management workshops designed to help immigrant citizens and entrepreneurs manage money, navigate the U.S. financial system, avoid predatory financial services, and improve their credit score
This program provides financial coaching and financial education for adults with disabilities who are entering or already in the workforce

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Mary DuPont



1901 North DuPont Highway
New Castle, DE



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