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The Supplier Diversity Council (SDC) was created by Executive Order #49 – Enhancing Economic Opportunities for Delaware’s Diverse Business Community and Continuing Our Commitment to Supplier Diversity Initiatives.

The Council shall:

    1. Develop and implement a Small Business Focus Program (“Program”) for small business enterprises. The goals of the Program are to increase opportunity for small businesses to participate in state procurement by:
      1. Creating a Small Business Focus Program Registry.
      2. Evaluating spending on current and future procurement with the small business enterprises for the Program.
      3. Reviewing agency Supplier Diversity Plans to assist State Agencies with access to the Program Registry when making under threshold procurements.
      4. Providing advice and recommendations to the Governor concerning supplier diversity strategies.
    2. Advocate for the State of Delaware’s supplier diversity initiatives.
    3. Identify training opportunities and offer information on the tools necessary for successfully doing business with the State of Delaware as a Diverse business, and the businesses eligible for the Program.
    4. Maximize supplier diversity among the State agencies, and help increase contracting opportunities for Diverse businesses, and the businesses eligible for the Program.
    5. Identify economic opportunities beyond state contracting and share best practices and strategies that will leverage the state’s business initiatives.
    6. Develop criteria for evaluation of supplier diversity initiatives pursuant to this Executive Order.
    7. Propose legislative initiatives to the Office of the Governor.
    8. Identify potential impediments, if any, concerning supplier diversity within State government, and develop strategies to eliminate these impediments, including the elimination of impediments that limit all supplier diversity businesses from participating in contracting opportunities.
    9. Conduct studies of any disparities involving diverse business enterprises in state procurement practices.
    10. Advise on potential financing support strategies for Diverse businesses and businesses eligible for the Program, and other services they may need to enable them to grow.
    11. Review and issue determination on protests/appeals according to the OSD denial and protest policy.
    12. Prepare an annual report to the Governor to be filed annually no later than December 30th of each calendar year.





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