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See how and why all these businesses across the state participate in the COVID-19 Customer Protection Standards. 


Below are a searchable database and map of businesses you can patronize that are part of the Delaware’s COVID-19 Customer Protection Standards. The program is designed to provide consumers with an additional level of confidence that a business is making efforts to keep the public and employees safe by complying with the State’s current operating guidelines.

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In addition to the resources below, you can find the shield logo at the front door of participating businesses. 

The COVID-19 Customer Protection Standards is a voluntary, self-reporting program. Limitations apply.


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In order to provide notice to the public concerning the efforts of businesses to comply with the guidelines for operation include in the Delaware’s Recovery plan, the Division of Small Business (DSB) is offering businesses the opportunity to complete and submit the COVID-19 Customer Protection Standards checklist, an overarching set of guidelines by which all businesses in the state should operate, per the governor’s orders, in order to provide a safe environment for employees and customers. DSB is compiling and publishing a list of businesses that have submitted a completed checklist to enable the public to know of a business’s compliance based upon the information submitted by the businesses. DSB will also send a window cling for the business to put up at its location(s) to give customers a way to quickly know the business is making an effort to operate safely. While the Division will make every effort to keep the information up to date, we make no representation or warranties about the completeness, accuracy or reliability of the information provided by the businesses. In no event will we be liable for any loss or damage arising out of the use of this information.


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