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The Office of Supplier Diversity (OSD) assists diverse suppliers: (minority, women, veteran, service disabled veteran, and individuals with disabilities) and Small Business Focus (SBF) program vendors in competing for the provision of commodities, services, and construction to State departments, agencies, authorities, school districts, higher education institutions and all businesses.

The Office of Supplier Diversity offers certification, training on how to use the business intelligence on the State’s Procurement Portal, and other tools necessary for successfully doing business with the State of Delaware. OSD will maximize supplier diversity by assisting government agencies in identifying certified diverse suppliers and eligible small business vendors when purchasing and contracting for materials and service for the State. OSD maintains a publicly accessible online directory of certified businesses.

The OSD directory is the primary tool used by State and Local Governments and other procurement offices to identify and provide insight into opportunities for diverse suppliers and small businesses in order to meet the spirit of intent of the provisions in Executive Order 49.

Applications for certification and subsequent listing in the directory are free.



Read the Office of Supplier Diversity’s annual report here.

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